Video Surveillance Systems AKA: Closed-Circuit Television(CCTV), employ a network of video cameras, monitors and recorders to provide live and post event view of activities in the monitored areas. 

Video surveillance systems offer a large assortment of features and capabilities to service needs from basic to the most demanding. A basic system may be used to simply record an area for post event viewing. More complex systems can be used for early detection of intruders such as recording of vehicle license plates and process monitoring in production areas; just to name a few from a nearly endless list. Modern systems may employ complex analytics to help solve problems such as sending alerts when a checkout lane is long or when traffic is heavy on the roadway.  Analytics may be used to count foot traffic in a department store or even the time a patron spends in a given area. Connect a surveillance system to your access control and you have a system that will alert the security staff when a card holder enters the building.

Using modern technologies such as thermal imaging, analytics, and cloud storage options, Digital Watchman will design a system and service plan to meet your needs simple or complex.

A properly designed video surveillance system will increase safety and reduce loss. The days of grainy unusable recordings are in the past.